Stop me if you’ve heard this one


OK, a woman walks into a bar…only the joke is on Tempe, AZ.

Brianna Sandy, a transgender woman, walked into the Tempe Tavern last Sunday to watch the Belmont race and was promptly tossed out after being told, “We don’t serve your kind in here.” Seems the bartender thought she was a prostitute. At least that’s what the bar’s owner said. Yeah, right. Wasn’t because she was transgender or anything, nothing like that. Of course, that’s EXACTLY what the reason was, but rather than risking a lawsuit, we’ll just use the old hooker excuse. Well, Brianna isn’t buying this shit and plans on using anti-discrimination ordinances recently enacted to file a complaint against the bar. Way to go, Brianna.

Sad to say, the attitude of this shit hole and all the others like it in Arizona is the norm, not the exception.


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