The week that was

OMG, is there any end to the parade of lunatics and asshats in America more than willing to say and do incredibly stupid things?


Why am I not surprised? Josh Duggar, oldest Duggar son and heir-in-training to Jim Bob, got handed his ass this week when In Touch Weekly magazine revealed police reports indicating he had molested five underage girls (including, sadly, some of his sisters) back in his wild teen years in 2002. Oh, did I mention mom and dad waited a year to report it? But instead of getting him into serious counseling pronto, they sent him to some crackpot organization in Little Rock that treats people with “biblical principles.” (Unless this means hitting them over the head with the bible, I doubt if the method works.) Save for being in a coma or living on the space station, you know that the prolifically reproducing Jim Bob and Michelle have been TV darlings the last few years advocating their screwball have-kids-until-you-drop-dead, men-rule-women drool religion on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” backed by seemingly dozens of sickly sweet Duggars all acting deliriously happy and worshipping Jesus. BTW, TLC, the network that has no bottom, has temporarily cancelled the show and advertisers are abandoning ship in droves. Of course, the fanatic Christian right is all over forgiveness for Josh and blaming, in no particular order: the media, the devil, Hilary, Obama, progressives, feminists, and atheists, without a whisper about what the victims went through or any kind of consideration or closure for them. Typical. You watch, this will blow over and get buried and the whole nauseating bunch will be back on the boob tube in some form or another because station execs are not gonna pass up this cash cow no matter how hypocritical the participants are.


Arizona. The word conjures up visions of unrelenting heat, vast expanses of dirt, wizened seniors baking on the golf course, an education system that ranks at or near the bottom, pathetically thin social services, racists, homophobes, scorpions, and a giant hole in the ground tourist trap that serves as the state’s only attraction. Some recent Arizona milestones:

  • On May 18, according to the Daily Koz, “…the Arizona legislature did what no other state in the nation has been mean-spirited enough to do: they cut lifetime welfare benefits to one year for everyone—adults and children, the physically and mentally disabled.”  Most other states have either a 5-year or a 2-year cutoff. Even Texas limits its own one-year term to adults, with children being exempt.
  • And don’t fuck with Nicole Solomon. Back in 2012, the 31-year-old Mesa, Arizona woman ran over her husband with an SUV because Obama got re-elected. Seems hubby didn’t bother to vote and, dammit, that one vote could have made all the difference. Well, on May 12, Ms. Solomon was finally sentenced to 3 1/2 years in the pen, which will give hubby time to burn all her shit, change his name, and move to another state.
  • Then there’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to the Los Angeles Times (and without a mention in Arizona’s local media) the sheriff now wants the public to take up a donation to pay his legal bills, which are mounting daily as his department is being sued right and left by immigrant rights groups. Seems his minions flagrantly violated a 2011 court order by stopping anyone who looked even remotely Hispanic for any reason whatsoever. According to the Times, poor old Joe (and I do mean OLD, like 83) said, “I do not have the personal wealth or the wherewithal to keep up with the costly demands of paying for attorneys to defend me.” Well, then don’t do that illegal shit. But wait, it gets better. Last week, Arpaio requested District Judge G. Murray Snow to be taken off the case. Why? Because Arpaio once ordered his former attorney to conduct a secret investigation of Snow’s wife in a thinly disguised attempt at harassment and intimidation. Arpaio will be back in court in June for more of this low-rent desert melodrama but don’t bet on him not getting re-elected as long as there are enough old white men out there in cactusland to keep putting this senile blowhard back in office.


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